Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fall Is In The Air

One of the great things I like about living in the Boise area even though it is sad for the summer to end is the wonderful fall colors we get when the trees turn. It seems like one day it is green and then we have a couple of cold or cooler days and nights and all of a sudden we get trees that look like they are on fire. Just over the last couple of days quite a few of the trees in our neighborhood have started to turn colors. Here are a few pictures of what it looks like around here.

This is a picture of one of the entrances to our neighborhood.

This is a picture of looking down one of the streets. What is neat about this picture is the glimpse of the mountains in the background, which last weekends sudden snow had the whole mountain covered in white.

This last weekend we started our Halloween decorating and it is always fun to see the faces of people going down the street when they see our house and yard. What is more fun is to see how kids and adults react to the final project which includes fog and bodypart candy on Halloween night. Be on the lookout within the next couple of weeks for the great pictures.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Aparently after 32 years of marriage I don't know Chris as well as I thought I did and look how well he kept this secret from me.

What a surprise it was to find out this little secret and if anyone is interested we will be taking donations for the campaign.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Going Batty

A little over a week ago we were doing our weekly yard work by mowing the lawn and edging. It is my job to do the edging around the yard and fences. When I was almost done and edging along a fence by the front gate I saw something furry and I thought I had gotten it with the weedeater. The problem was I didn't know what it was and I couldn't see under the other side of the fence since there was grass growing up against the fence. After many times of trying to find it from the other side I asked Chris if he would stand where the fur was and I would go pull the grass back on the other side. As I pulled the grass back a bat wing popped out of the side of the fence that Chris was standing on. Thinking that I might have hurt it with the weedeater I called Animals In Distress and left a message. Before they could get back to me I went back outside with a flashlight since it was getting dark and found out that it was gone. The next day when talking to our neighbor boy he said that just as it got dark he and his friends saw it fly off. This is just the experience to have right before Halloween. With that thought just remember that Halloween is just around the corner and who has the best dressed yard around. Maybe by then I will be able to post some pictures.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

After much encouragement and embarrassment from my daughter I am finally posting something to my blog. It is very hard for me to start something creative, but once I get going I do fine. I also have a hard time to begin with something computer wise, but again once I get used to it I am fine until they make a change and then it throws me off of my stride. I hope to be able to entertain those who look at this blog since I feel like my life if very average. Chris and I moved to Boise almost 3 years ago and boy has the time flown. It just seems like yesterday that my kids were small. Now Nick is married to Johanna and has four kids. Cathryn is 8, Maryssa is 7, Myranda is 6, and Niko (Nicholas Clarke Seaman II) is going to be 4 next week. They live in Elk Grove, Ca. It is right next to Sacramento. Erin is married to Steve and has two kids. Kurtis is 4, Kylee is 2 1/2, and the next one is due March 31. They live in Rigby Id out in the country with the horses around them and an occasional goat invading their yard. Tim isn't married yet, but there is still hope since he is here in Boise and mom is about ready to set him up on some blind dates. Chris works from home and is home all day and I do alot of running around all day to find things to put on my eBay website. Right now I am into buying and selling Stampin Up stamp sets. We work at the temple on Wednesday nights and enjoy the time that we get to spend there. It was also fun to watch conference today while there were thunderstorms going on outside the whole time. Hopefully I can learn how to post pictures once I find some and then this blog will be alot more entertaining. Well now it's off to Deseret Book for ladies night to get my free door prize and plenty of standing around hoping to win one of the prizes they have for their drawing. Thanks Erin for getting me started on this. I just hope you haven't created a monster.

Isn't it about...Time?

It's true, I set this blog up for my parents and they haven't even posted any thing yet. So I am getting them started. Maybe it's time I set up a facebook account for my mom too. Hmmm.. I'm getting ideas. :) So if you want to encourage my mother (or my father) to post something (anything) leave a comment or just stop by and they'll know they can push forward into the world of cyberjournaling!